weight loss tips

Weight loss can be tough. So here at Adelaide Fitness Solutions we wanted to provide you with out top 5 tips to help you on your weight loss journey! Portion size, motivation and exercise, are just a few of the topics we cover!


tips to help you stay fit and healthy

Many people have tried and failed when it comes to losing weight. So what's the secret? Being active! If you want to lose weight, be healthy and have a better quality of life, get on your feet and start moving!


the best foods for you to eat too ensure a healthy lifestyle Maintaining a healthy lifestlye is an ongoing exercise. Eating right, working out and keeping fit & healthy are all key in maintaining your body and your lifestyle.


Check out this great video on how to really work that belly fat and get those abs you've always dreamt of!

Check out this odd trick to help you shed that unwanted fat on your belly!

Local Personal Trainer at Blackwood Fitness, Mark Busse, gives a great tutorial on the correct way to do a Fitball Pushup!